Certified by UL®, ETL and ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B.2-1 for Category 6regulations

Best for Internet, Intranet, Broadband Multimedia, CAD, CAM, Medical, Financial, Aviation or Voice-over IP (VoIP) environments

No. of Pairs
Standard Jacket Colors
Insulation Thickness(mm/inch)
Grey , Blue

Reel Box:
11.8 kg/ 304.8 m
( 25.9 lb./ 1,000 ft.)

Electrical Specifications
Impedance: 100 Ω ± 15 ﹪
Maximum mutual capacitance:17.1 nf/ 1,000 ft.
Maximum DC resistance:28.6 Ω / 1,000 ft.
Maximum DC resistance unbalance: 5%
Maximum capacitance unbalance (pair to ground):330pf/ 100m.
Maximum Propagation delay skew:45ns/ 100m.
Normal velocity of propagation: 62% at 100MHZ;

Attenuation to Crosstalk ratio: at 100MHZ;
typical 26.5dB; at 155MHZ; typical 18.4dB;
at 250MHZ; typical 7.5dB

Category 6 UTP Cable (Solid)
Part Number
Std. Pkg. Qty.

Category 6 unshielded Twisted pair (UTP) cable, Grey Color.

1(Reel Box; 11.8 kg/ 304.8m)

Category 6 unshielded Twisted pair (UTP) cable, Blue Color.

1(Reel Box; 11.8 kg/304.8m)
Color options: Grey(GY), Blue(BE),Yellow(YW),Pink(PK)
UTP Cable – Category 6 (Solid)
Last Update: October 31, 2003